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The Mermaid's Guarded Treasure

An Ocean of Riches Beyond Measure

By Una SavagePublished 7 months ago 1 min read
Created with Nightcafe Studio and Canva

Deep in the ocean was a buried treasure,

Long forgotten and hidden beyond measure.

It contained gold coins that shone so bright,

Enough to make your vision take flight.

With riches untold, search on with pleasure!

It was said the treasure was a king's,

Protected by a mermaid who sings.

Though some tried hard to discover its place,

No one could find it in space.

But when you do, it will be worth many things!

The ocean was deep and filled with blue,

But the mermaid who guarded it knew.

She sang a song so loud and clear,

To protect the treasure that was once dear.

It held secrets of wealth they kept hidden from view!

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About the Creator

Una Savage

I'm Una Savage. I love reading and writing, and I enjoy traveling. Most importantly, I'm the mother of an autistic child which is both challenging and rewarding, and it has taught me a great deal about life and myself.

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