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The Feeling Of First Light

by Elsa M 8 months ago in love poems
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Art and Poetry by Me

There’s something about the first light

The tender way it graces the inhabitants of the world

No two sunrises are the same

And it’s as if we’re being reborn over and over again

But it never grows old

The first light illuminating you next to me

Touching every curl and curve

The shadows highlighting the contours or your body

The first time I look at you every morning reminds me how much I love you

How much I’ve always loved you

Even before I laid eyes on you for the first time under a moonlit sky

Even before I knew of your existence

Even when you were nothing more than a flower-shaped black hole in my memory

And all of that makes me cherish this feeling all the more

The rush when I see the first light of the dawn on your face

Is the same as the rush of two engaged in combat

The same as two engaged in love

Limbs and breath intertwined

Blood pumping through our veins









I can appreciate that feeling so much more

With you by my side

love poems

About the author

Elsa M

18 Years Old


Marine Bio Student

Class of 2025

I tell my story because when I am forgotten, I am truly gone. The longer my stories grace people’s tongues, the longer I live.

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