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A Home With You

by Elsa M 8 months ago in love poems

What Home Means To Me

On my own I am a broken house

Vandalized and repaired both inside and out

By the various people who pass through me

Windows are shattered

Floorboards creek

And a draft breathes cold air through my being

Storms blow me apart

Never blowing me down

And it is sometimes hard for me to repair myself

But then you came along

You came with no intention of going anywhere else

And I want to fix myself for you

Together we put new glass in my windows

I repaint my body

You sweep the dark corners of my attic

We light a fire inside ourselves

in the dark hours of the night

Every big smile

Every sparkle in your earth-dark eyes

Every laugh, song, and dance from your being

Gives me a little strength to repair myself

And I hope that

Every joke

Every over-the-top expression of affection

And every light igniting in my sea colored eyes

Give you the strength to repair yourself as well

Together we put new glass in your windows

You replace the shingles on your roof

I lovingly scrub the graffiti off your walls

And we light another fire inside ourselves

Yes, alone I was a broken house

But with you, I am a home

love poems

About the author

Elsa M

18 Years Old


Marine Bio Student

Class of 2025

I tell my story because when I am forgotten, I am truly gone. The longer my stories grace people’s tongues, the longer I live.

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