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One of Many

By ariana mariePublished 4 years ago 1 min read

I admire your actions from a far and I notice so many small things like the different ways you move and your small gestures. I admire your voice, I hear you sing, talk, and laugh. I hear you you sing and act and watch you almost dance. I’ve just recently had the privilege to admire you up close. While my face burned and my lips sweat; I glance up and see you closer than expected. I unconsciously lean back and I know I would never knowingly move away from you. I notice when your bags get heavier everything about you is a bit lighter: your actions, your laugh, your voice, and your mood. I don’t think you should shave I’ve seen your sideburns and I’ve seen your stubbles. Would you think my notice of you is cute or creepy? I don’t think I can’t help it. You look so confident in yourself. You don’t look like you second guess yourself. You’re smart, beautiful, kind, and talented. It’s hard not to appreciate or watch.

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