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Chapter 1: Today

by ariana marie 3 years ago in literature
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Oliver and Catherine

I looked at the clock near the wall impatiently. The book in my hand felt pretty irrelevant; I’d read the same page over and over since I’ve sat down. I slam the book shut and began to pace.

Where is he? He said he’d be quick? What the hell is he doing? Where is he?

“Kitty? You home?” The voice I’d been waiting for echoed through the small apartment.

"Ah, there you are. I have..." He trailed off as he saw the look on my face. "What's the matter?"

Instead of answering I just sat back down on the couch. He towards me and sat near me quietly, wait for me to explain. I sat quietly.

"Kitty?" He nudged my shoulder. "Aw c'mon, don't be upset with me."

I shot him a glare and faced the other way. I could be so mature sometimes, I thought dryly.

"Alright, since you're upset, I can't take you on the date I had planned." He shrugs and begins walking into our room while taking off his dinner jacket.

"So you get to disappear on me all day without a call or text and then you decide to punish me?" I ask angrily and cross my arms over my chest.

"Aha! I knew you were upset with me!" He turns and looks at me.

"Of course I am! I wake up and you're gone! No text! Not even a stupid note!" I shoot up from the couch.

"Why would I write a note?" Confuse fills his beautiful face as we slow walk closer to each other.

"So I know what's going on. Why you just left so suddenly and also..." I begin to whisper now that our bodies are almost touching."So I know you're coming back." I whisper

"Aw, Kitty." He pulls me to him and kisses my hair. "You don't have to worry, I'll never leave you."

That's what everyone says, I think while tears fill my eyes.

"Anyways, what were you saying when you walked inside?" I push him back and wipe my eyes.

He looks a little taken back and it takes him a few seconds before he could collect himself."Well, I was thinking why not go and recreate our first date since this is one year since we first started going on dates?"

Our relationship is pretty complicated; we're serious but we're not. Ollie and I have been texting, dating and stuff for—as of today—a year. We haven't declared boyfriend/girlfriend or met each other's friends or families. Whenever we're together, we're in our own bubble and I'm not ready to give that up even the inevitable destruct of commitment wrecks this. We've never spoken about it so I have no clue how Ollie feels.

"Oh yeah?" I smile up at him.

"Yeah, so go get your cute ass ready and we can leave." He turns me towards my bedroom and smacks my butt.

30 minutes in my room and bathroom is all it takes before I'm ready to leave. I find Ollie in the living room looking through the book I was trying to read. He's supposed to wear glasses when he reads but he left them in my room so he was squinting his eyes to read the book with the book very close to his face.

"Your glasses are on the nightstand." I laugh lightly as I make him jump in surprise.

"Yeah, I didn't want to bother you." He scratches the back of his neck while standing up."Is this a new book?"

"Yeah, the mailman brought it by this morning. You ready to go?"

"Yeah." I began to walk towards the door but he pulls me back."You look great. As always," he kisses my lips then tugs me forward.


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