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Star Fairy

Star Fairy

By Umar Farid Published 5 months ago 3 min read
Star Fairy
Photo by Daniel Kempe on Unsplash

Little Sheila was making tea for her dolls one day when suddenly there was a knock at the door of her house. Sheila thought that a friend of hers had come to meet her. But when she opened the door, she saw a woman in her house. She is standing with three children in her arms. Beautiful wings of seven colors were also attached to this woman's arms and a star was shining on her forehead and her clothes were like butterfly wings.
Sheila saw her smiling and said, "Beautiful woman, who are you?"
The woman said, "I am the star fairy." Sheila asked: "What do you want with me?"
"Please allow me to enter your house," said the Star Fairy.
Sheila started saying.
"What will you do by breaking into the house?"
Star fairy said, "I will bathe my children in your bathroom."

Sheila replied, "Take a good bath."
Now fairy started bathing her hair and children in the bathroom and Sheila ran to pamper her beautiful guest and went to buy biscuits from the market. When she came back, she saw that her beautiful guest was missing. But the bathroom was smelling of perfumes. Sheila looked around the bathroom in surprise and saw that fairy had forgotten one of her beautiful gloves. The glove was cute.
Seeing it, Sheila let out a scream of joy. She ran and put it on. As soon as she put on the glove, she reached another world.
She saw that she was standing on an upper mountain with rivers of milk flowing down it. Small silver spoons were also scattered on the mountain. Sheila picked up a spoon and started eating the delicious peaks of the upper mountains. .
After eating at the top, she felt thirsty, so she came down. Egyptian bowls were kept by the rivers of milk. She filled a bowl with the milk of the river and drank it and then moved on. Gardens were visible everywhere. In which fountains of colorful syrup were dancing, small emerald glasses were placed on the edges of the fountains' reservoirs. He drank a glass of syrup from a fountain.
Then from the second fountain, then from the third fountain, because the syrup from each fountain had a new taste.
After that, Sheila began to look carefully at the garden. It was found that the birds chirping in it are also sweets. A quail and a bubble Sheila caught and ate and then moved on. A big beautiful market came ahead. I saw fairies everywhere. Sheila entered them and started watching the spectacle of the market.
There were many strange things being sold in the shops. Colorful flowers, butterflies, stars, pearls, birds flying from yesterday, vases of marmalade, jams, chocolates and various toys. She was stealing narcissus flowers from a shop for her children. Sheila shouted and said, "Why is Star Fairy stealing the shopkeeper's flowers?"
Star Fairy turned and looked at her and smiled and said "Sheila come near me." When Sheila came to her, Star Fairy placed her soft hands on her eyes and said "Sheila what are you seeing?" Don't look. Don't think what you are thinking. Forget what you have seen." After that, Star Fairy gave a loud beautiful laugh and removed her soft hands from Sheila's eyes. Sheila was afraid. She Eyes wide open and started looking around. Now there was nothing there. She was lying on her bed.
His uncle's white rooster was crowing. The morning star in the sky was smiling mischievously at him.

The arms of this woman were also covered with beautiful feathers of seven colors and there was a shining star on her forehead and her dress was like the wings of a butterfly.

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