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An angry liver

An angry liver

By Umar Farid Published 3 months ago 3 min read
An angry liver
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Nawab Sahib was fond of food. When he started to eat, he would pull his hand away with great difficulty. A few days ago, the old cook left the job, and it became very difficult. He advertised in the newspaper that there is an urgent need for a cook who can prepare delicious dishes. Reasonable salary. Accommodation and food will also be provided.
It was too late to advertise in the newspaper that many cooks showed up.
The interviewers included Nawab Sahib and his two or four gourmet friends, who were often with Nawab Sahab at the table. From morning to evening, the interview committee finally chose a cook. So John was Muhammad, but according to him everyone affectionately called him John.
Johnny was very happy. He was happy to have a job, room and board. He prepared dinner and prepared such dishes that the smell of desi ghee spread everywhere in the house.

The new cook's new dishes were on the table, albeit late.
Jani showed his talent to the fullest. Such food and dishes were decorated on the table that Nawab Sahib and his friends did not know where to start. There was also Nihari. He filled his plate eagerly.
Nawab Sahib liked Nihari so much that he forgot to take anything else.
A friend advised that Nawab should not take so much fat at one time, his health would deteriorate, but no one paid attention, everyone ate hard. Jani was happy in his heart that he had won the heart of his master. .
After finishing the meal, these people got busy drinking coffee, but before that, carrot halwa decorated with fruits was served.
It was also so delicious that the diners kept licking their fingers. Other guests were drinking coffee, but Nawab Sahib filled the plate with halwa once again.
"Nawab sir! I am in danger that you are taking so much fat, God willing, the liver will not be damaged!"
"Leave it! Get rid of the liver! Just don't ask what's going on at this time!" Nawab replied.
The largest organ in the body is the liver. He has heard. The human liver grows five centimeters every five years from childhood to adulthood and stops growing at 15 centimeters. At that time, its weight It would have been about one tenth of four kilograms. This organ, throughout the life of Nawab Sahib, removed toxic substances from the body, stored food and produced a fluid called Bile, which made fats digestible.
Bile is a fluid that helps in the digestion of ingested fats. Nawab continued to relish the halwa, which put all the weight on the small intestine. The liver refused to release bile.
Nawab Sahib's friends had gone to their homes. Everyone was sleeping in the mansion. Johnny also fell asleep tired. Nawab Sahib was walking in the room for a long time.
Sleep was far away. The small intestine was facing difficulties in digesting food. Although the enzyme called Lipase was fixed on the digestion of fats in the small intestine, but without Bile, the digestion process was slow. Now Nawab had a sour belch. It started coming. Which caused heaviness in my health. The night was spent awake. In the morning, the physician was called to the mansion. After a good medical examination, it was found that the liver is angry.
The physician instructed that a diet should be taken for a few days. After saying this, stop the bitter astringent medicines.
The next night came. Nawab didn't have a single bit of vision. Instead, his condition worsened. Finally, the small intestine asked the kidneys to please their friend, the liver. The kidneys remove nitrogenous waste from the body. This work. The liver helps them.
The kidneys were spared.
He requested the liver, which was accepted. The liver secreted fluid that collected in the gall bladder and started helping the small intestine to break down fats into fatty acids. Finally, after two days, Nawab Sahib The digestion was completed and by the grace of God he recovered.
Nawab Sahib no longer carelessly eats and drinks and does not allow his health to be destroyed by falling into the trap of gossip.

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