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Solar Solace and Lunar Life

Eclipse Elation

By Shelby Hagood Published 3 months ago 1 min read

Everyone is afraid of change, darkness, and a full moon.

Could the eclipse actually mean something positive?

Light snuffed in a solar eclipse with just a fire ring of doom.

It really means solace for what's new, so restorative.

People Cringe at the blood moon.

Scared at the word blood, when a lunar eclipse glows with life.

Everyone flows with blood, a celebration of life shall bloom.

Endings are necessary in order to make way for the new and an eclipse cycle is like the final purge or cleansing of an emotional cycle. If something needs to be gone from your life, if something needs to come to an end, an eclipse can help you to set the intention of completion in concrete in the external world.- Explore Deeply


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  • Novel Allen3 months ago

    Blood and water...what is life without them. It is positive as it brings joy and hope for a few minutes as we stop to ponder life. Lovely poem.

Shelby Hagood Written by Shelby Hagood

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