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In a mindless state of sleeplessness

By Mohammed DarasiPublished 7 months ago Updated 7 months ago 1 min read
Top Story - September 2023
Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

Sleep eludes me

No matter how many sheep are counted

No matter what position the blanket

I can’t seem to catch sleep


Palms are sweaty, need sleep, mom’s spaghetti

Eyelids are heavy and the delirium is changing my thoughts

Eminem's lyrics are jumbled up in my head... I’m at a loss

Need sleep” or “knees weak”?

What's his mom’s spaghetti doing there? I thought he ate it

Or did I eat it? Wait, I don’t know his fucking mom...

I’m sorry, mama, I never meant to hurt you


Here we go again

And again

I can't seem to stop pumping my brain

With oxygen and worsening

My mind state nurturing

Festering thoughts of journaling poems

At this time of day I’m hoping to just journey alone

To dreamland, to have some mercy from lawns

And fields of thought that make me want to yield and gawk

At the ceiling, until something manifests ad hoc

That makes no sense and now I must recompense

My lost sleep in the day I need to keep

Awake, because of work or else I’m in too deep

In trouble.

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About the Creator

Mohammed Darasi

I write fiction, poetry and occasional articles about interesting topics. I recently created a website (just because) which I will be posting my writing in (among other things). it would be great if you check it out. https://mindpit.co.uk/

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Nice work

Very well written. Keep up the good work!

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Comments (26)

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  • Donna Fox (HKB)7 months ago

    I love the song you quoted, one of my favourites!! Eminem is such an iconic rapper!! I love the way you present this as lyrics and then an evolving thought process that comes from a single prompt! It actually really speaks well to your creativity and willingness to pivot on a thought!

  • Novel Allen7 months ago

    Yoga, hot bath, meditation, a late night run/walk. Honey in warm/cold milk. Make yourself comfy and start reading. Just some ideas, Kudos on TS.

  • L.C. Schäfer7 months ago

    I think "moms spaghetti" is a reference to vomiting. Well done on your Top Story!

  • Naveedkk 7 months ago

    Congratulations on top story,

  • Rachel Deeming7 months ago

    I loved the way you showed your midnight mind meanderings. No sleep, no fun. Congrats on TS!

  • Lol, my favourite part was the spaghetti confusion! Congratulations on your Top Story!

  • Alex H Mittelman 7 months ago

    I cant sleep either! Great work!

  • Hilarious with the Eminem lyrics 🤣👌❤️🫵Awesome work❗❗❗ Congratulations on your Top Story🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Celia in Underland7 months ago

    Perfect representaion of insomnia -Loved this! 🤍

  • Paul Stewart7 months ago

    This is incredible and very relatable...I love the Eminem deviations and just how spot-on this was from start to finish! Congrats on Top Story!

  • Rebekah BT7 months ago

    love this and how it's written, congrats on the top story :)

  • Cathy holmes7 months ago

    Excellent piece and completely relatable. Congrats on the TS.

  • Heather Hubler7 months ago

    Ugh, why can't we shut our minds off to sleep? I felt this one so much and absolutely loved the way the rhythm picked up as the poem went along. Made the strung out feeling more intense. Great work! Congrats on Top Story :)

  • Hannah Moore7 months ago

    I love that evocation of the between stage.

  • Lamar Wiggins7 months ago

    Hurray!!! Back to say congrats!!!

  • Jazzy 7 months ago

    Ohhh I felt this, I often have horrible insomnia and this is EXACTLY what it feels like Congrats on top story! 💕

  • Alexander McEvoy7 months ago

    This captured my undergrad experience with insomnia (2.5 years) beautifully!

  • Melissa Ingoldsby7 months ago

    Really like the hip hop elements you incorporated in this piece I enjoyed it

  • Kristen Balyeat7 months ago

    Oh yay! Congrats on top story, Mohammed!!!

  • Congratulations 🥳

  • Matthew Fromm7 months ago


  • Kristen Balyeat7 months ago

    Love the absolute mess of thought- Perfect for your message! I have been in that state, but usually singing kid songs over and over until I go nuts and just want an off button. lol! Loved this, Mohammed! Hope you get some sleep today! :)

  • Donna Renee7 months ago

    Oh no! You need a nap or two! ☺️😁 loved the chaotic flow!

  • Lamar Wiggins7 months ago

    Ugh!!! Sleep is important. I love how you created the scatter brain effect by describing how thoughts scramble and won’t shut up. Very effective. Hope you get some zzzs tonight!

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