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Seas in the Eyes

Based on a novel

By Saydei LeePublished 3 years ago 1 min read

I woke up one day wondering when it will end,

When the pain and sorrow will disappear,

When I’ll be free from homes evil grasp

That keeps me locked inside with torturers.

They take me and beat me until I bleed,

I scream and cry, but no one hears.

People think the torturers are innocent

Without asking how I got hurt.

Every night I pray to be free,

The thing that hurts the most,

Is that I’ll never be free.

Whenever I cry, they laugh,

When I don’t, they beat me until I do.

I sleep in a cold dark room,

Nothing to sleep on but my fears.

Every night I cry myself to sleep,

Or scream if they are gone for the night.

When I began school,

No one liked me, talked to me,

I never had a friend, until now.

sad poetry

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