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Rising with Joy: A Poem of Inner Peace

A Happiness That's Always Near

By Vaz BavPublished about a year ago 1 min read

In the quiet of the morning light,

When the world is still and bright,

There's a feeling that starts to rise,

And it brings a smile to my eyes.

It's a warmth that fills my heart,

And it's there right from the start,

A sense of peace that makes me whole,

And it touches deep within my soul.

It's a feeling that's hard to describe,

But it's one that I cannot hide,

It's a joy that's always there,

And it makes life easier to bear.

It's a happiness that's always near,

And it's one that I hold dear,

It's a light that shines so bright,

And it fills me with its endless might.

It's a feeling that lifts me high,

And it helps me to touch the sky,

It's a love that's all around,

And it's one that knows no bound.

So in the quiet of the morning light,

I feel this unique and wondrous delight,

And I know that no matter what may come,

I'll always have this feeling of love.

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About the Creator

Vaz Bav

I am a storyteller at heart, using words to convey emotions and ideas. My diverse experiences bring depth and perspective to my writing, creating impactful and engaging content. Let's explore the power of words together.

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    Vaz BavWritten by Vaz Bav

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