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Lurking Shadows and Magic Reign

A Poem of Light and Dark in a Dream World

By Vaz BavPublished about a year ago 1 min read

In the land of dreams and whimsy,

Where reality becomes quite flimsy,

The moon wears a top hat and cane,

And stars burst into rainbow rain.

The trees dance with abandon and glee,

And sing a tune that sets free,

All the worries and doubts we bear,

Leaving only pure joy in the air.

But beware the lurking shadows,

That twist and turn like tangled lassos,

For they seek to steal the light,

And plunge the world into endless night.

Yet fear not, for in this realm,

Magic reigns and will overwhelm,

All the darkness that might arise,

And bring a thousand suns to our eyes.

So close your eyes and let go,

And let your spirit rise and glow,

For in this surreal world of dreams,

Nothing is quite as it seems.

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Vaz Bav

I am a storyteller at heart, using words to convey emotions and ideas. My diverse experiences bring depth and perspective to my writing, creating impactful and engaging content. Let's explore the power of words together.

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    Vaz BavWritten by Vaz Bav

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