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On Blue Kyanite

By Everyday JunglistPublished about a month ago 1 min read
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End of day

Death of light

Then I see Blue Kyanite

Sitting there beside my bed

Feelings buried, that I keep hidden

Move through my core, up to my head

Bringing memories unbidden

Of the things we did, and of the things we said

A smile winds across my lips

Then suddenly the feeling flips

My smile drops, my heart descends

Bringing pain which never ends

I push that feeling down

To that empty space way deep

Where the things that hurt, forever keep

And there those things will stay

Always locked away

Waiting for the end of light

Until next I see blue kyanite

sad poetryheartbreak

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Everyday Junglist

Practicing mage of the natural sciences (Ph.D. micro/mol bio), Thought middle manager, Everyday Junglist, Boulderer, Cat lover, No tie shoelace user, Humorist, Argan oil aficionado. Occasional LinkedIn & Facebook user

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    Everyday JunglistWritten by Everyday Junglist

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