Poetic tease


Poetic tease

I have you in my eye's pathway, candy to my sight, sending sensitive throbs to my nerves. Yes, I indulged to no satiation, but it feels good, nevertheless. What is the eye's orgasm? I wonder this as I'm filled with deep exhilaration from your silhouette alone. I digress, as I would rather keep it PG-13 rated...

I regress, as I haven't recovered from this obsessive lust that has permeated throughout every faucet of my body. Licking my lips as I gaze in amazement at every curvature, every thick portion that completes YOU. A glass of wine couldn't relax these vibes, yet it exacerbates it. It befuddles me how your soul matches your shape, both a beautiful reflection of God's love and artistry. I sit in my miserable lust, not being able to fulfill the cup that is half-empty that I drank from many nights prior. As the moon sets, all I can do is pray that we finally physically meet to alleviate your mystery that I sit with as I ponder by this windowsill....

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