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Our Secret Code

by Diana Sol 4 years ago in love poems


I lie there looking

at the sinking Moon

far in the horizon

as she disappears

marking the end

of a warm and wild night.

I still can smell

the roasted marshmallows

of last evening.

I still can feel

the impulsive craving

in my veins as you

whispered my name.

Now I admire the snowfall

through the windows

as the sun rises.

I now want to expose

memories of last night

at the museum of my heart.

A serendipitous place to keep

my most precious treasures;

our whiskey nights

or midnight dances,

the words that triggered

the wave of lust that shaked

me upside down

and the fingers that rekindled

the fire in my soul;

the holy memories

of our own love language,

the one only you

and me can understand –

Our forever secret code

love poems

Diana Sol

29 years old fan of poetry and literature

Bookworn and a teacher

* Be the change you wanna see in the world*

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Diana Sol
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