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A Reckless Abandon

by Diana Sol 4 years ago in love poems

Just let it go.

Somehow we look at our guardian stars

wistfulness and hope for the next day

or other amethyst nights spent embraced in lust.

She lived with a forest inside her, craving exploration

a gritty and raw desire to be fullfiled

Dressed in lilac and lace, she was reaching out

for his mouth and tongue, screaming need

celebrating the birth of the night

and the death of the february sun.

His touch sent shivers down her spine

and bullets and bouquets to her heart

innocence dying a little more at every moan.

Violet dreams and orphic whispers,

his spell was all over her.

With a champagne kiss and ruby red promises,

they kept burning love

both colorblind, sight blurried with passion

a demon dance promising pleasure

And by the end of the dance,

drunken confessions confessed

embraced, naked, somewhere

in the lonely cottage at the seaside

red lights shining on their hands

brumous minds and decadence

of a night still young

And when black velvet lies surfaced

no longer a date blinded by love

All the passion and every primrose

took the dangerous shore to disappearance

Love can be timeless … or timed

Desire, lust, pleasure … prices

for a reckless abandon

love poems

Diana Sol

29 years old fan of poetry and literature

Bookworn and a teacher

* Be the change you wanna see in the world*

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Diana Sol
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