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Self-Motivation in Tough Times

By Motivated In LifePublished 3 years ago 1 min read

I wrote this (unstructured) poem a few months ago, being a part-time student balancing work, life, study is hard especially when you don't have many friends to console with and not wanting to worry family and others around you. Admitting it either to someone or ourselves is the first and toughest step. But I found myself and re-grounded in time by motivating myself and pushing to write out my feelings. This the lead me to being back in focus and going out to meet others who are going through changing careers or building their careers.

I hope the below inspire others to believe in themselves, understanding its never to late to start anything (thinking about starting something is the first step), finding themselves within and being motivated to grow and succeed in whatever they put their passion into 💌🌎🌍🌏

Brings me to shame these many sad days

Internal, external

Physical, non-physical

Things that can be seen or hidden

Majority behind facades

Shaded from friends, from family, from all

Alas I - a curiosity and emotion prone human

Who's focus needs pruning and brain needs rest

But I will not crumble, for my will knows best

I shall continue my beliefs, my truth, my nature

The path of true holistics and the understanding of health in all creatures

This shall be my broadest yet determined gratitude payback to life

Contribution to others vitality and happiness

Motivation to support and inspire with finesse


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