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Introduction: The Beginnings of Motivated In Life

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By Motivated In LifePublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Well, hello Vocal Media community! I joined today and thought, the best way to start my story would be to provide an introduction. I'm not much of a story writer, so hope it doesn't bore you too much nor come across as me selling my services! (I would like to do that, but I have my other channels for that, this is more for me to share knowledge, insights and experiences with you all.)

🤔Just a little info about me... I'm currently on a career changing path studying Osteopathy at UCO in London (UK), with a background in Holistic Therapies, Reiki, IT and Forensic Science.👩🏻‍🔬 Started my Osteopathy studies in 2017 and super excited that I’ve finally taken the path I’ve been contemplating 15 years or so ago when I got caught up in the curiosity crossroads - being interested in all these other things like life, humans, languages, computers and science. Sometimes I see my thirst for knowledge and curiosity a blessing and a pain in the backside!

I'm looking keep a record of my journey 📚whilst I grow in knowledge and experience. Whilst doing so, I’ll be sharing (what I think is) interesting information and my life insights as I’ve been doing via Instagram (@motivatedinlife) 📸 as well as a few blog posts on my website.

Hopefully in 2022 I should be a fully qualified Osteopath with a Masters degree who can provide treatments and provide interesting case studies (obviously anonymised)! 😊

Motivated In Life is currently still building up, but my vision is to be able to truly help people as individuals holistically. I know, this word may be overused to some, but I believe true health care should be inclusive of every aspect of the person – Be it mind-body-spirit, bio-psycho-social or even mental-physical-environmental. Each person has their understanding of health and well-being. I intend to integrate my experience and knowledge in Reiki/Energy Healing and Holistic Therapy in with the scientific and physiological knowledge from my Osteopathy and Forensic Science background.

“Your Health | Your Body | Your Life” – some people wonder “Why in that order?”. I’m sure some will argue that it’s much more to it etc… etc… But “health” includes physical, mental, social and right down to the cellular and (for those who believe in it) energetic health level (energies like reiki, biomagnetism…). Energetic reactions in the atomic level occur in all living things. All things are interconnected to help maintain our bodies in a state where we can live. Doesn’t matter if you’re disabled or incomplete… as long as you are your definition of being healthy and capable of enjoying your body and life whilst growing from your daily experiences, that is the main point in life.

No one is absolutely perfect, but I’m hoping that by helping people heal and be able to utilise their bodies and caring for them, their lifestyle and lives may improve and they can enjoy it fully with their friends and families.

Hope this insight helps you to understand my path and vision in the creation of Motivated In Life. Maybe even help motivate and inspire me further along this adventure!


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Your Health | Your Body | Your Life

❦On my journey in becoming an Osteopath & Reiki Master Currently in third year of Masters in Osteopathy course. Provides in-person or distant Reiki/Meditation Sessions and Sports&Remedial Therapy❦

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