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No one understood me

No one understood me

By AnecdotePublished 9 months ago 1 min read
No one understood me
Photo by Reed Geiger on Unsplash

No one understood me

Who is the friend and who is the enemy?

No, I have not met anyone who did not torture me..

The fragrance went all over the bowl and I never got tired of it..

Which one has no season

In which I did not panic.. faced the storm

did not run away from him...

I did not turn away from the crisis I faced.

I have digested all the sorrows, I never cried..

Although I have never been happy in my life..

Never left kas, never met the truth in a lie..

Even those closest to me were upset

No one understood me ...!

No one understood me…!


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I have found solace and joy in the art of writing. A girl who thrives on expressing thoughts, dreams, and emotions through the power of language. Join me on this journey of wordswords💕

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