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How to fly

How to fly

By AnecdotePublished 11 months ago 2 min read
How to fly
Photo by Matthias Götzke on Unsplash

A little bird named Timmy and his family used to reside in a lovely woodland.
Timmy enjoyed observing other birds soar.No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't lift himself off the ground where he was. He simply wasn't able to leave the
ground Timmy felt ashamed and defeated.
He could only hop around on the ground while he watched his siblings and other birds fly high in the sky. She thought he was losing out on everything. the excitement and adventure that flying can provide Timmy once met Oliver, a seasoned and intelligent owl. In the jungle, Oliver was well-known for his sage advice and warmth Oliver was an inspiration to Timmy, and he felt at ease enough to share his fights with him Oliver calmly listened to Timmy's he explained Timmy that every bird begins its life on the ground and that learning to fly requires time, patience, and work. Oliver also recommended that Timmy begin by flapping his wings and increasing his jump each day. Oliver's advise was taken to heart by Timmy, who started practising daily. He would flap his wings and jump higher and even though he wasn't fully prepared, higher to take off, but he discovered that he was growing stronger and becoming more assured with each practise Timmy eventually felt prepared to leave one day.He flailed his wings and took off as quickly as He might.He eventually felt himself taking off in the air.
Timmy was so happy that he flew through the sky feeling liberated and joy. Timmy practised every day after that, put up a lot of effort, and become a powerful and assured flyer. He also began instructing his younger brothers in flying, just like Oliver had done. Timmy discovered that achievement requires time and work.He understood that he needed to be kind to himself and that it was Making errors is acceptable He also gained knowledge. that through perseverance and hard work he able to accomplish anything he set his mind to Timmy was ultimately appreciative of his difficulties because they informed him.essential life lessons He discovered that it was fine to struggle and that it was crucial to seek assistance.as required He also discovered that the path leading
success is as significant as the final locationSuccess is challenging.

You see in life in your life, but it's achievable if you work hard and never give up everyone starts small, so don't be afraid to ask for help and keep in mind to enjoy the ride along the way you can accomplish it. This is their genuine motivational stories thanks so much for watching and have a great day.


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