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my love for you fills galaxies

for Sam the Doula's challenge

By Heather HublerPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 1 min read
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I read Sam the Doula's challenge and her beautiful poem this morning and knew I had to write something. Please take a look at her amazing pieces!


You hung large and low

nestled in my womb

content to slumber the days away.

I had to prod you awake

so often, too often,

scared you'd stopped

moving for too long,

terrified of what that meant

as memories lurked

in the background

of a nephew

that didn't make it,

pictures burned in my mind

of that igloo-sized box

that became his cradle.


All I wanted was to see your face,

hold you in my arms.


You were a Sunday's child,

full of grace,

surprising us all with your

early arrival as we readied

for worship that day

only to end up in the hospital.


Your brother was born just 15 months before,

capturing my heart for the first time.

And I wondered in those quiet moments

before the room was filled with loved ones

and nurses and the mid-wife,

how it would be with you,

how would it look to have you both,

love you both.

It took so long for your brother to arrive

that your father and your grandmother

left to get food to prepare for your journey.

They almost missed your arrival

as the mid-wife had it all in hand.

She worked her magic and hastened your

birth to only 7 minutes of pushing,

the weight of ten pounds leaving me in a rush.

Oh what a difference to that first time.

And I knew for sure in that moment,

when I laid eyes on your fuzzy blonde head

that you don't divide love.

It expands.

It grows and fills every part of you

until it's impossible to contain.

I love you more now than I did that day.

Always and forever, baby boy.


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  • Kenny Penn3 months ago

    No love quite like a mother’s love, what a beautiful piece

  • Poppy 3 months ago

    This is so gorgeous. 'you don't divide love. It expands.' Those lines are so extraordinary.

  • Naveed 3 months ago

    Heather Hubler your words encapsulate the journey, the fears, the anticipation, and the overwhelming love that comes with welcoming a child into the world. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt journey with us.❤️

  • Awww, this was soooo touching and emotional! I love how you said that love doesn't divide but expands. It blew my mind. I've never thought of it that way. Loved your poem!

  • Babs Iverson3 months ago

    Captivating!!! Loving it!!!💕❤️❤️

  • Wonderful blessing, beautiful tribute, such a joy.

  • Daphsam3 months ago

    Wow, this is so beautifully written. I love your imagery.

  • JBaz3 months ago

    As always you strike a chord and pull at the heart. Beautiful

  • Hannah Moore3 months ago

    I love this. I mean, it's so good, but it's also so full.

  • Jay Kantor3 months ago

    Hi-H ~ Ah, you do bop around. I just want to say how lovely it is that you so often pay 'Special' tributes to other writers in our little Village although you are quite busy with Mikey's schtick. Although not into challenges, I have just written a 'Short' with your influence in mind: Stand in line for your royalties...Hmm! Just 'J' in L.A.

  • Mother Combs3 months ago

    Lovely poem, perfectly written. Love your picture at the end, he looks a lot like you.

  • I feel like you got exactly what I was driving at, and I love this! It made me think of this picture: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02b2MwF5fK1JKJiiAWnQB6drvTPvhZmeMjjc73J2n3K6PHkitbqm3wGV4SJ3TTRkhYl&id=100064186715884

  • Lamar Wiggins3 months ago

    Lovely, I hope he gets a chance to read this. 💖

  • Cathy holmes3 months ago

    Beautiful, heartwarming and written as only a mother could. This right here "And I knew for sure in that moment, when I laid eyes on your fuzzy blonde head that you don't divide love. It expands." Perfect!

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