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By Novel AllenPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

I found this long dusty road

Where I walk to clear my mind

I turn the music on, and walk to the beat

La, La, Oh yeah!, the tune is lively

My steps jaunty

The cobwebs untangling, the mind soaring

The clouds and blue sky inviting

The gravely road undulating, stones flying

Random cars awakening the dust, making me dusty

But, oh the quiet returns

Just me and the gravely road, and the music

And my thoughts reaching up, up to sky

It is beautiful, my long dusty road

It is wonderful to enjoy the beauty of nature

To let go and just breathe

To be one with the peace within you and around you

There is no one else here, just me and the birds and

the trees, and flowers and happy

I could use some friends

Come join, it is joyful

I now return, and I am content

Happy hearts, thanks.

nature poetry

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Novel Allen

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  • Cathy holmes7 months ago

    Beautiful poem. Well done.

  • Gerald Holmes7 months ago

    This is exquisite. A walk in nature always seems to calm my soul.

  • This was sooooo wonderful! You brought us on a wonderful peace seeking journey with your words! I loved it!

  • I love walking in the countryside. Everything about this is so evocative (except for listening to the music--have to be listening for vehicles that might not be paying attention). The only thing that could make it better is if my wife went walking with me. She considers walking her prayer time & wants to be alone.

  • Naomi Gold7 months ago

    Wow, what a gem! I’m so glad Paul shared this. That’s exactly how I clear the cobwebs of my mind, though I gotta stop wearing sandals… and coming home with dusty feet. You took me there with you.

  • Mackenzie Davis7 months ago

    Oh, I adore your rhythm in the first third or so, with the -ing words creating a sort of slam poetry vibe (but not, cos it’s more peaceful than slam?). "The cobwebs untangling, the mind soaring The clouds and blue sky inviting The gravely road undulating, stones flying" And then the kernel of sadness: "I could use from friends." So relatable. I feel as though I’ve been there on that dusty road feeling the same things you bring up here. Love how well you evoke the progression from almost giddiness to appreciating nature, then to a sad realization…and then back to happiness again, though more muted into contentment. So glad Paul shared this one with us! I really like it.

  • Paul Stewart7 months ago

    Oh, I loved this one a lot, Novel! Love the playfulness, and the relaxed nature of the whole poem, helping to bring to life the relaxed nature of the scene! Lovely lovely stuff!

  • Grz Colm10 months ago

    “La La oh yeah” made me smile! U often have a quirky colloquial lines like this which I adore! 👍😃

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