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By Novel AllenPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

We christened this virus Corona

Which means 'likened unto a crown'

Who made her 'Queen' and gave her permission to devastate the land

Because as queen, she ruled and could not be easily contained

A cruel queen, this wicked witch who like Santa Claus

navigated the world with lightening speed

Wreaking havoc on humanity without impunity

Loved ones, friends, acquaintances.....gone with barely a whispered


Did we anger our maker, God or the universe.....matters not the name

We should take heed and actualize

How will we stop this monster in its track

Each of us must do our part, be it large or small to assist that

collective brain power chosen by the universe to sacrifice time and effort to stay the monster

We honor our people gone but not forgotten

Rest peacefully while we forge on to health and caring for one another

To the end of Queen Corona

Here is to the best of us caring for the rest of us

Hearts for reading. Thank you

surreal poetry

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Novel Allen

Every new day is a blank slate. Write something new.

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