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Love Unrequited

by Sarah Jane 7 months ago in love poems · updated 7 months ago
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Preferences Of Pretense & Reprimanded Reciprocity

Love Unrequited
Photo by DANNY G on Unsplash

He couldn't love

a real woman

A woman wild

and grown




all her own


Her reality was revealed

but he couldn't handle it

because he hadn't accepted his own


He hadn't grown into

the man he could be

so he pushed her away



Her love was more than enough

It was overflowing in abundance

More than his naïve hands could hold


So he settled

for less

Second best


Someone that fits

the comfort of his molds

Something that made

him feel in control


Thinking he was better off

rejecting real love

for his addiction

to the same old

frivolous masked women



that the masquerade mask

is always more elaborate

than who hides behind it


A pervasive preference of pretense

rushed through his veins

to quell the pain

of loving incompletely


The grown woman grew tired

of loving an addict


She finally gave up

on the naivety of her love

after too long

of being taken for granted

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About the author

Sarah Jane

Writing has been Sarah's passion since she was 7 years-old when she began writing poetry and short stories. Now, she's sharing her gift with the world. Subscribe, and come take a whirl in her words.

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IG: @sarahjane.speaks

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