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Love Blind

A Poem

By Lee KnightPublished 7 months ago 1 min read
Love Blind
Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

My nose can sense what my eyes cannot –

The sweet scent of your tumbling locks,

The way your hair curls ‘round your ear

As I breathe you in and pull you near.

My eyes can’t find what my hands can touch –

The way your skin feels, soft and lush,

Your pointed nose and dainty cheeks,

The warmth and safety that I seek.

My eyes don’t work but my ears sure do,

I hear your whispered “I love you”.

You may not know it, but I can hear

The sound you make when you smile, my dear.

I taste the salty tears you shed

When you curl up sad in our bed.

And when I kiss those tears away,

I know that I improve your day.

I do not see you with my eyes

But it should come as no surprise

That with my other senses four

I know all that I need to. And more.

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About the Creator

Lee Knight

I'm not a frequent writer but when I get a burst of inspiration I think I write quite well. I'd love your (tactful) constructive feedback!

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