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"Limerence is a term that describes an infatuation or obsession with another person. It stems from romantic attraction that involuntarily develops into obsessive thoughts." --Marissa Moore

By Bex JordanPublished about a year ago 2 min read
Shattered (Photo: @UmaSabirah)

Every now and then

I'm able to control

My brain enough

To clear the

Fog that is


Your words on my screen,

Your face on my feed,

Your art in my inbox,

Sometimes I don't

Check obsessively for


Or look at your old

Work, or

Message something silly

Just to get a


To know that

If only for a moment

You were forced to

Think of me;

The idea that

We were thinking of

Each other.

You've never been

Out of my mind,

Not since we met

Though I tried to

Bury my feelings,

Through relationships,


marriage and


You were



Sometimes I thought

I could hate you,

But I always came

Back to


Your honesty,

The heartbreak.

That stupid letter

I wish I could just

Send or delete.

It's so out of date

But I can't bring myself

To change it.

If I had only


For you to come

Around, we could have

Run the course

And ruined

Our friendship

But at least I wouldn't

Have this nagging


Pull towards you.

Why couldn't you have

Found someone

To be happy with?

Your sadness

Makes me want to

save you,

Come to you and


Give you

Everything you never had,

But I still don't think

It would work

In real life

Like it does

in my



When we were

Younger, and you told

Me everything,

I hoped I

Was there somewhere

In between

The words


Like you were

In my every

Pinter Pause…

The rifts and

Canyons where

All my deepest

Desires lie–

The ice that

Stopped my

Tongue with

The chill of

A knife.

My confession

When I opened

My heart and

Bled, and you

Were brutally

Honest, (as always)

I reveled in

The gift that

Was the death

Of hope, even

As my heart


Why, then, now,


Wouldn't it

Only be a


Considering the





I realized

One day

(once more)

That you didn't

Feel the same.

It was no big


I tried to

Say something

And you didn't


Didn't stop

To ask what

I was feeling

Just went about

Your day,

Leaving me

Behind with

My words left

To go cold in

My mouth,

There i


The futility of


The fantasy

Of all these

Moments i'd

Built so far up

In my head

And the world

Shattered all

Around me

s o.

q u I e t l y.

and you didn't even


To see me


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About the Creator

Bex Jordan

She/They. Writer. Gardener. Cat-Lover. Nerd. Always looking up at the sky or down at the ground.

Profile photo by Román Anaya.

Instagram: @UmaSabirah

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  • Rob Angeli10 months ago

    I did not know that word, I'll have to file that away. Good work again; going to reread. Thanks! :)

  • Cathy holmesabout a year ago

    Oh my goodness, this is fabulous. Very well done.

  • Allie Bickertonabout a year ago

    Beautiful! I had to read this twice. “The ice that stopped my tongue with the chill of a knife” was tantalizing. Thanks for teaching me a new word. Limerance is my new favourite. 🙂

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