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Letting go of my ego

by Theresa Lane about a year ago in love poems
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My soul is where the magic lies

Me in my safe zone.

I’m letting go of my ego

It’s time for her to go

It’s time for me to be free

It’s time for me to grow

I choose to nurture myself

I have been through my hell

I am rising up above a well

Words picked out of my soul, I will tell

Everyday I am learning and unlearning

My beautiful soul always longing and yearning

Longing for me to choose my heart

Carrying all this fear, I need to restart

I choose to cherish my existence

I choose to clear my energy this instance

Clear it from all toxic negative debris

My soul chooses right now to be free

I do it for you, I do it for me

We are all in this life together

We are all one, we are all connected

We can become our own president, become elected

Choose love over fear

Choose love over hate

We were gifted with love to generate

And not to discriminate

I choose to start anew

The universe has asked me to bloom

I can be the change I wish to see externally

Radiate my soul, ever so lovingly

My soul has many colours

All the colours of the rainbow

Protected by my brown melanated skin

Born with free will and my heart knows no sin

But I am human

I acknowledge my mistakes

Sometimes I just need to hit the brakes

Life is full of lessons

We gotta learn them to get to the blessings

Slow down, take it easy

Deep breath in, one two three

Living for no one, I only need to please me

Life is like honey and we are the bee

I am the centre of my world

I am God’s precious girl

I stand up for me, I stand up for all

Our souls came here to have fun, to have a ball

Let us be conscious of our thoughts and feelings

Pick ourselves apart by layers; we need peeling

This is part of the journey of healing

Take our life back; new form of stealing

Radiate our truth above and beyond the ceiling

What thoughts belong to us?

Which feelings have made us rough?

Question every move we make

Ask ourselves what is really at stake

Happiness is a mind-state

Nothing outside of us could ever fill our plate

It comes from within

All power comes from within

We were not taught this

So now let us begin

May we seek our truth

Break out of our bad habits

Find our inner child in us

Imagine them as a joyful happy rabbit

Let us breathe love and light into our heart-space

With each breath we take

Let us connect with our true nature

With each moment we make

We can start today we can start now

We can look within and take a bow

Let us value ourselves

Let us embrace ourselves

Let us love ourselves to life

Let us peel these layers back

With our own carefully crafted knife

We are the creators of our own life

We are the vibrators of our own vibe

May we remember to be more outside

Breathe the fresh air and look up at the skies

Hand on our heart, closing our eyes

We are still breathing, we are loved, we are here

God is everywhere, far and near

My name is Theresa Lane

And I’m here to say we can all look within

We can all start by telling ourselves

that we are going to win.

love poems

About the author

Theresa Lane

Hi my name is Theresa, I’m finding my way through life by connecting to the love that I am, finding my creativity and passion to spread more love in the world through words ❤️

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