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Things I know to be true 2: Karma

by Theresa Lane 12 months ago in humanity

Some real talk on some real shit

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We hear all sorts of things about this topic, “Karma’s a bitch”, this and that, however vast majority of society do not understand this concept well, we just passing on washed out overused statements. It is vital we understand this for our very own life, health and wellbeing. Every intentional action or thought we create, generates energy; we call this energy Karma. It is the dynamic energy system that responds to our very own thoughts, feelings and actions. We are the creators of our own life, each individual in this world creates their own life through thoughts, action and intentions. Everything we see in this world was created with a thought, we are powerful energetic beings, more poweful than we know.

We have to understand energy, when talking about karma. Everything is energy. We are all energy, we have energy inside us and outside of our beings. Our thoughts and feelings are energy so whatever we are thinking, feelings or doing, creates our very own personal energy bubble. Our energy bubble can vibrate at high or low frequencies aka positive or negative vibrations or “vibes”. Our vibes are our energy and we can vibrate at different frequencies. The level of our frequency determines the types of things we will attract and experience. For example, someone who consistently hates themselves living with low energetic vibrations such as shame, doubt or fear will only continue to experience more low energies in their life because that is what they are putting out there.

Every action or intention has an effect. This is the universal law of the cause and effect. This is literally our life system, anything we experience is simply our own doing through this law of karma. We are constantly creating and experiencing karma every minute of every day. What we put out there, will return to us in some way, shape or form; we cannot escape this universal law.

The universe is energy herself, she is known as Gaia, Mother Earth, she gives us life. There is a universal life force spirit all around us, 'Holy Spirit' this is energy universal energy that knows everything we are thinking or feeling. There are powerful energy forces all around us, and whatever we generate will come back. If we generate positive inside us, such as love, kindness, gratitude, acceptance, we will experience same energetic experiences - because again, everything is energy!

We are divine beings with infinite potential, the only limit is our own mind and the limitations we consciously or unconsciously create. Where did we get these limitations from? - From all our life experiences, our beliefs since our childhood, our religion, family, cultural beliefs, pretty much anything we learn from the outside world that we choose to accept and value as truth. These limitations we carry deep in our minds passed down in our DNA, deeply rooted in our ancestral lines. Information is energy. We have information stored in the deep layers of all our minds, known as collective consciousness and unconsciousness. This part of our minds consist of our shared humanisitc instincts, typical reactions such as fear, seperation, desire, struggle, hatred, love, jealousy so forth. It is the objective part of our psyche. All the humans that have ever lived, their shared knowledge and information all gets stored as energetic information that we learn from and tap into today, through our life experiences. This information is so ingrained in us and they shape our limitations and beliefs systems and if we never question these inner motives and actions in us, they will control our life.

We were raised by a generation that were not aware of their mind, they were not taught how to explore their feelings, and thoughts. Their knowledge and understanding of the world came from limited resources, as compared to today’s day and age where we have access to millions of information from millions different sources. They were living in survival mode, family superstition mode, indoctrinated by external world, law and order in structural socieities, living to provide basic needs, work hard, “life is work, life is money, money equals comfortable living-happiness”. These mentalities have shaped the way the world is today. We have grownt o adapt that materialism, external items can make us happy and we grow up experiencing all sorts of things chasing this happiness, doing anything to get it. And after achieving it, the feeling expires. We go looking out for more, looking for more fun, chasing the good energies. And we are left feeling disatisfied. And in the chase for this "happiness" we have stomped all over our karma, experiencing roller coaster events in our lives, feeling powerless.

Happiness is a feeling, it is a mindstate and we feel things from inside us, not outside. If we want good pleasant experiences in life, we must be pleasant from the inside. It is the inside that creates our experiences not the outside. Karma and anything related to it is a whole lot of real talk. Serious talk because we are far beyond what our minds could ever come to know. WE ARE POWERFUL. WE ARE THE CREATORS OF OUR OWN LIFE. Everything around us is an illusion, that include's other people and their values and perceptions. We can choose our own truth and create our lives to our best ability. Our souls are eternal. We were born into this world, alone with nothing, and we will leave the same way.

We can all change the course of our own lives through our intentional acts and habits. The energy we create today will determine our future. Let’s walk in the path of our own light and find the greater light that connects us all.


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Theresa Lane

Hi my name is Theresa, I’m finding my way through life by connecting to the love that I am, finding my creativity and passion to spread more love in the world through words ❤️

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