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Kiss Me, Dismiss Me

by Phar West Nagle 2 months ago in heartbreak
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A sonnet you can't erase

What a thing it is to not exist at all –

Just a pit stop to love on either team,

A party trick invoked by a catcall

To kiss their girl, or even make her scream.

As real as the unicorn of legend,

The mythic third, to be used and explored –

Oh, you chose to love a man in the end?

Well, then clearly you’re not bi anymore!

Such shame that I may always pass, unseen,

In places where my peers still live in fear;

Such loneliness, forever in between,

“Just a phase,” not enough yet still too queer.

Still worse to be a fetish and consumed,

Valid in men’s dreams and their girl’s bedroom.


About the author

Phar West Nagle

Poet, author, lover, mother, friend.

Lover of mystery, the supernatural, psychology, philosophy, and the poetry that lives in all of us.

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