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It so loud

by Beau Green 3 months ago in social commentary
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Too loud

Junji Ito Ma No Kakera

There’s a voice

In my head

And its normally a bit quiet

But recently

It’s been insanely

And unbearably


I can’t get it to shut up

I can’t ignore it


Its just



It says things to me

It says mean things to me

It says nice things to me

It tells me secrets

It makes assumptions

It likes to stir the pot

Which I really don’t appreciate

Because then

Real life me

Has to deal with the issues

That fake me

In my head


And sometimes

I just can’t

I just can’t deal with these stupid little issues

The voice in my head


social commentary

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Beau Green

Take a look into my conscious.

A college kid trying out writing.

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  • Emily Dickerson2 months ago

    "I just can't deal with these stupid little issues / The voice in my head / Created" - girlllll if that ain't me. Lovely poem, creepy and awesome picture to go with it. Junji Ito is a vibe.

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