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It Must Have Been Fate

by Kim Smyth 6 months ago in love poems
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How One Night Led to Forever

Dave and me a few summers ago.

Our eyes locked as soon as I saw him that night

My heart skipped a beat and I felt such a fright

Yet as he drew closer, I could see he was unknown

I relaxed as he reached for my now sweaty palm

We danced awkwardly to a well loved tune

Yet bored with the club, we’d be leaving real soon

He lead me outside to get his card from the truck

Dave was so nice, I couldn’t believe my luck

Once that was done we went over to my car then

We talked for a while and he kissed me, that’s when

I knew it was meant for us to have met

I felt super safe in his arms and yet

A question he asked next made my heart take a leap

“Are you done playing games, my love will you keep?”

I looked in his eyes and said, “Yes, I’ll stay.”

How could I have known I’d find love that day

What a leap of faith we both took that night

After thirty years plus, it must have been right

Although neither of us had been there before

We left that club together, never to go anymore

It must have been fate, I tell all my friends

Our kids are all grown, and we’re just us again.

They said it wouldn’t last, how we proved them all wrong

Now we’re enjoying life to our own special song

love poems

About the author

Kim Smyth

Freelance writer/blogger studying to become a transcriptionist. Passionate about reading, writing, crafts, beach getaways, volunteering, alternative medicine, and healthy diets.

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