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My Take on Delta8

by Kim Smyth 5 months ago in product review

It's Still THC, You Know

My Take on Delta8
Photo by Jordan Nix on Unsplash
  • I came to the marijuana party later in life than most, just a few years ago as a matter of fact, due to my interest in alternative medicine primarily. My boys, all three of them, had smoked for years, trying to convince me that pot was not a gateway drug, that it was medicinal for all types of things, but back then, I was a concerned mother and poo'd all of their advice -- thinking as all parents do -- that pot kills brain cells and makes zombies of our children. It kills their motivation, or so I thought, so they stayed on the wrong side of me when it came to that.
  • Then, I became a blogger and started studying things for myself, all things alternative medicine-related, from essential oils to CBD. I learned about Charlotte's Web and how medicinal marijuana was helping those with crippling seizures. I researched CBD and its many benefits, experimented with it, using tinctures and vapes, went to seminars, and even tried it on my dad who suffers from Parkinson's Syndrome and frozen shoulders. His tremor is so bad, he is lucky a mouthful of food makes it in at times. He cannot reach up or out without great pain, and I've exhausted all hopes of his doctors ever accepting that their medications are not working, he is too old for surgery, and CBD can work if they let me try.
  • So, to help him and also to benefit me and my growing anxiety, I tried the latest thing on the market. CBD with Delta8 gummies. Delta 8 is CBD with a tiny amount of THC extracted from hemp. Of course, I smoked a little in high school and had tried a few experiments in the military. I had to have something to compare the CBD to as far as the way it affected me. I wasn't going to give my dad anything I hadn't tried myself yet. I could go on about my brief history with marijuana, but I really wanted to talk more about the exciting benefits and results of my experiences with CBD and CBD with Delta8.
  • Delta 8 vs Delta 9 vs Delta 10Delta 9

    Delta-9 is the most commonly known form of THC, the same kind that's found in marijuana. Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC's are minor cannabinoids and are extracted from hemp using scientific processes. Delta 9 can cause anxiety and paranoia. Delta 8 feels more like a calm, clear-headed high with a relaxed mind. Both can cause sleepiness and hunger depending on the dosage. Delta 8 edibles will give you a delayed high, as opposed to the vape cartridge, yet still works just fine. Both can cause dry mouth, but less so with Delta 8 (in my opinion), probably because I take such a small dose.

    Recently, there have been changes regarding the legality of Delta 8 and currently, these states have outlawed the product: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, Utah, and Vermont. I am safe where I live. Since it's legal here, I can safely order my products online for shipment right to my door. I'm stocking up, in case this changes. One other note: You might fail a drug test because most drug tests test for the presence of THC, not its source. So plan accordingly. The research I conducted suggests it can stay in your system for up to 72 hours and as little as 3-4 hours, depending on body fat and other factors.

    Dad was not hating plain old CBD, but it wasn't exactly doing much for him either. His tremor was not affected, his sleep had not improved, but his appetite was fabulous. With the permission of his neurologist and my brother, I went ahead and ordered him some CBD gummies in very small doses to be used at night. I took 25mg gummies, cut them into 4 equal-sized pieces, and instructed him to take a piece an hour before bedtime. The result? He is sleeping better now, however, his tremor is unchanged. Well, of course! Because I'm too afraid to try a stronger dose after what recently happened when a well-meaning doctor prescribed Clonazepam to try and stop the tremor. The medication made a zombie out of my dad with just one dose. I was told by his general practitioner that we might have to "play around" with the dosage, so I had my son -- who lives with my dad -- cut the meds in half. The next morning, after taking his medication at half a dose, he fell in his bedroom, hit his head, and scratched up his arm. Horrified, I stopped the medication immediately and informed the doctor the next business day that I had done so. I never heard a word back from him.

    Clonazepam is a dangerous drug that never should have been given to an 87-yr-old man with Parkinson's Syndrome who is on a cocktail of meds in the first place. (He was not on the gummies at the time) After the medicine completely cleared his system, I had him resume the nightly gummy bits. I want to increase the dosage or try a tincture for daytime use, but I won't until I relate everything that happened to his cardiologist and neurologist.

    How Does CBD with Delta8 compare to THC from say, smoking pot?

    For me, vaping the product is different than eating a gummy but both give a similar feeling to smoking, it's just more mellow and helps with my anxiety so much more. Delta8 is a form of CBD that incorporates THC from hemp in a very small dose. So far, it is legal in all states (except those mentioned above), and I try to research where I buy it from to ensure third-party testing for quality. I enjoy the occasional 1/4 to 1/2 piece of a 25mg gummy on a Friday night while the hubs and I play pool. I find it increases my focus and concentration, and I even drink less alcohol when I'm taking the Delta8 CBD. Most nights, I've taken to having a puff off of my Delta8 vape pen before bed, and I sleep like the dead. I don't feel my back pain, I can read for a few minutes, then it's lights out! I also tried a full-spectrum CBD tincture which "contains all the cannabinoid compounds that are found in cannabis. This gives an "entourage effect", which some say can be more potent than just pure CBD." Their products will always be under the federal limit of 0.3% THC. (This is according to their website). I have no problem taking the product during the day, I can function just as well as I normally do with no paranoia and much more focus and creativity. I have tried CBD with Delta8 from a few different companies, found and researched online. From one company's website, and I quote, " Delta-8 THC is a natural existing cannabinoid in hemp, similar to CBD. The 2018 Farm Bill classifies hemp as an agricultural product, making CBD + Delta-8 THC legal on the Federal Level." Find tips for use on dosing, timing, and applications on most quality CBD websites.

    If you want a safer, more mellow alternative to smoking, vaping, or eating marijuana products, I would give CBD + Delta-8 a try, it's legal (in most states), it's relaxing, and relieves anxiety instead of causing it. Just do your research, buy quality products, and use responsibly. If you were to try it in the privacy of your home, and you find yourself slightly impaired, don't drive or operate heavy machinery for example. Use common sense, and don't add several alcoholic drinks on top of it, the results may put you in bed early, but that's about all. In my experience, and maybe I am a lightweight, but a drink or two and a 1/4 of a gummy, for example, is a fun Friday night at home, enjoying a few games of pool.

    (A note on the image I chose for this article, I have not tried or even heard of this CBD brand, I just needed a relevant image.)

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