In My Own Lane

No Drama Allowed

In My Own Lane
Alone Not Lonely

At times I find it necessary for peace

To just stay in my own lane.

I prefer to avoid unnecessary grief

And words that may cause pain.

I’ve always tried to be a friend to all.

A loving person I will remain.

But, for my own daily peace of mind

It’s best I stay in my own lane.

As the years come and go

Some things seem to never change

Life is not always filled with joy.

There’s hurt which causes pain.

So, because I’m considered too sensitive

I just prefer to stay in my own lane.

That doesn't mean I'm lonely.

I have no reason to complain.

There's no resentment towards anyone.

I'm just better in my own lane.

Nathonia Smith
Nathonia Smith
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Nathonia Smith

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, inventor and online published writer who recently completed studies at Ashford University earning a Bachelors Degree in Human Resource Management. Writing has always given me such joy and fulfillment.

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