Nathonia Smith

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, inventor and online published writer who recently completed studies at Ashford University earning a Bachelors Degree in Human Resource Management. Writing has always given me such joy and fulfillment.

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Divorce May Not Be the Answer
a month ago
Why, oh why, is there such a lack of communication among families these days! Whatever happened to the notion of working things out through the use of communication? These are just two of the many que...
I Thought He Was My First Love
2 months ago
The rate of teenage pregnancy was consistently rising during my years in high school and it was frightening to me. As I entered junior high and high school, I was an active introvert to keep boys from...
Friendships Are Not Always Lifelong!
2 months ago
As much as we would like to believe it, friendship doesn’t always last a lifetime. There are times when we lose someone that we feel a connection to through ways other than death. Losing a family memb...
Life's Challenges
2 months ago
It’s not easy to face the many different challenges life has in store for us. As children, the term challenge is almost a foreign term that’s hard to understand. Each day individuals wake up to a fres...
The King of Pop
4 months ago
Sometimes it’s necessary to find ways of relaxing when feeling the ordinary stresses that life brings upon us. Although a new year has only just begun, there are those moments when I must turn to the ...
Give That Turkey Some Flavor
6 months ago
Approaching the end of the year involves celebrating two major holidays that involve a lot of eating; Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. I have always considered Thanksgiving the holiday that focuses...