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Keeping That Positive Mindset

by Nathonia Smith 2 years ago in goals

When in the Face of Negativity

Keep it Positive! Trouble don't last always!

Lately, it seems that I’m always fighting hard to stay positive and focused on important goals I’m trying to accomplish. And, it should not be a struggle to maintain a positive mindset when you know in your heart that positive thinking usually creates positive results. It never fails for negative thoughts to pop into my mind after speaking to someone with a negative thought process, daily. It’s easy now to understand why some people often use the term “energy drainers” when it comes to socializing too long with cynics and negative-thinking people. Sometimes, these cynics seemed to be determined to dash the hopes and dreams of others, for whatever reasons.

Sure, the best way to save your positive spirit from a negative spirit would be to avoid those type of people whom you know rarely display any form of positive feelings. But, there are some people you prefer to keep in your life because of your connection-family. The truth is that every family, around the world, has at least one cynic who can only see the glass as being half-empty instead of half-full. I’ve always been that family member who will keep personal issues that I’m experiencing to myself, especially around those family members whose days seems to begin and end thinking negatively about a past situation that can never be changed. Those family members wait for the opportunity to insert themselves into another family member’s conversation to, seemingly, pour even more salt on the already bad womb. But, if you can’t depress your family, who else can you depress? Yes, I’m being sarcastic while thinking “it’s really not fair for negativity to be forced onto a positive-minded person because I’m a witness that it really does leave a negative affect on a person.

Still, I’ve become aware of how the behaviors and attitudes of others affect my thoughts and feelings. Fortunately, I have found ways to help myself stay on the path to positive thinking. Lately, I’ve begun to tune out of negative opinions or thoughts when conversing with someone, refusing to let my peace and joy be stolen by any energy-drainers. I have compassion, always, for family, friends, neighbors and enemies because that’s just the way I am. However, I don’t have to fall into the same negative mindset as someone whom I’m conversing with, even if it’s a family member. I can, and actually do allow myself to be that family member who others can vent to when disappointed over something valid. Of course valid means important, not the same negative opinion you have over certain people that you don’t like for whatever reason. Life is too short and unpredictable for me to be giving my valuable time or focus to someone who I’m sure is probably over their feelings about the past. And, if the person spoken of is no longer alive, I’m likely thinking silently to myself “rest in peace”.

Not long ago, I spoke with a dear relative whose voice always seem to sound sad, even if I manage to get a laugh while we’re on the phone. That is always a challenge. All of us have past experiences that sometimes resurfaces in our minds if our current thoughts are about something similar to that experience. And, I certainly understand how unresolved issues from the past, that can’t be resolved because the person or persons involved are deceased, can have an affect on life’s beliefs and choices. Yet, I know the past is what it is, the past. It’s gone and if I sit up and focus on it, precious present time will be lost. Although this dear relative and I did not stay on the phone long, I could tell by the tone of the voice that past thoughts were presently on the mind. It’s easy for someone to express their opinion about how people need to “get over” their past. But, I know that for some people the past is filled with unanswered questions that should have been answered and explained years ago. And, I also know from experience that some questions are just never answered.

My present life and the goals I’m trying to reach are my focal points. When I think briefly about anything negative concerning my present situation, I try to look at it with a positive mindset and with the idea that “everything happens for a reason” and “this, too, shall pass”. I could be filled with fear or bitterness because of my past or present circumstances. But, why respond in a negative manner when I certainly don’t want to attract more negativity in my life. I’m embracing life and opportunities that I have, with each day of life, to reach my goals. I no longer dwell on relationships and friendships that ended abruptly. I know there’s a lesson to be learned from all of life’s experiences. And, I genuinely wish nothing but the best for all who have come into and left out of my life, even if I don’t know why.

It’s up to me to keep a positive mindset if I want positive results to come, even in the face of life’s unexpected challenges! At the beginning of the day and at the end of each day, it’s all about life and how we choose to live our own!

Nathonia Smith
Nathonia Smith
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Nathonia Smith

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