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If I were stung by a bee

Words you might need to hear

By Hridya SharmaPublished about a month ago 1 min read

If I were stung by a bee,

Would the uncertainty of the writhing bane of living finally subside the menace of who we are deemed to be?

Stillness and being present in the moment often stalls its breaths in the bounty walk of existence as we constantly strive towards what we yearn for to come true. To fulfil our inner desires we often beckon in the treacherous hustle of time and hold ourselves in the beauty of certainty. But we need to realise that our worth is not measured by how much we achieve or how productively we spend our days. You are enough just the way you are, not when you become more beautiful or feel better in your skin. You are enough even in the moments when you doubt yourself and how far you can go, you are enough on the days when you run late for school and work and even when you feel like you are a failure. You do not need to be extraordinary to experience exemplary beauties like love, joy and contentment. Feeling like you are not enough for a certain period is okay but actively denying your worth is wrong.

I hope you remember to celebrate how far you have come even if it is not where you want to be.

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    Hridya SharmaWritten by Hridya Sharma

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