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Is the beauty of realism a facet of truth or the prescribed norm of society?

Like Clockwork

By Hridya SharmaPublished about a month ago 1 min read

Is the beauty of realism a facet of truth or the prescribed norm of society?

The beauty of the strides reckons itself like the clock work's step

I drown in the notions of the catered truth that draws it caution in every breath,

I jolter onto the commotions of the callous timelines that stall existence to its death.

Dreams of the eloquent summer night with liberation in its tone saunter the core of me,

Attuned to the cacophonies of passion and radiance, I trace the trail of all the light we cannot see.


The symbolism of gallant victories often draws association with the recurring footsteps of time,

To be worthy in your mortal bane, you ought to tread carefully over the deemed benchmarks of the line.

Creation in its essence, stares at the depths of the art that the creator fosters in their craft,

Be where your feet at, the benevolence of stillness nurtures the heart.


Arterial constellations in their agony still cannot fathom the human rage,

The stellar of one’s stride is reckoned by the obedience to societal demands with their age

The collective clock that determines one’s path falters the existence of thee,

In the precipice of who I am, I dive into the depths of who I want to be.

Unfathomable and untamed, I trod down the unconventionality of my fate,

Embracing the delusion of my unconquerable prowess, I dive into the unknown unafraid.


The beauty of realism is the counterfeited conception that society deems to be true,

To confine your wings, to leash the fire that enrages the pursuit of your dreams under its sinew.

I hope you find the courage to foster a narrative that forges to be your own,

In the truth of your purpose, you walk yourself to your home.

A home where your fondest dreams and burning passions come alive

I hope you find an abode in yourself as you walk by in this strife.


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    Hridya SharmaWritten by Hridya Sharma

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