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Believe, Faith, Confidence

There Is No Need To Fear Anything

By Ruth Elizabeth StiffPublished 26 days ago 1 min read
There really is no need to fear

“Everything you ever wanted

is on the other side of fear”


is the number one ‘thing’

that stops us from doing anything.

It might not work.

It’s too expensive.

I’d love that but

I’m too frightened to go for it.

We have all said these words

at some time in our lives.

We have all had

these fears.


how do we overcome this?

How do we

say “goodbye” to that fear?

Believing in Ourselves

has got to be at the top of the list.

We never know what we CAN do

until we have to or want to.

And almost all of the time,

we actually CAN and Do

overcome “It”.

Having Faith in Ourselves

is on the top of this list too.

Think about what you Have Accomplished

in the past,

and this will give you

Faith in Yourself for the Future.

And then there is that all Important word


Have Confidence

in Your own Abilities.

Once we Believe,

have Faith and

the Confidence in Ourselves,

fear does not exist.

Instead of saying “can I?”,

turn the words around to

“I Can!”

With all of this,

you are also building your Mind up

to be able to do

what you want to do.

This will keep you

in Charge of your Life,

instead of letting ‘fear’ take over.


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About the Creator

Ruth Elizabeth Stiff

I love all things Earthy and Self-Help

History is one of my favourite subjects and I love to write short fiction

Research is so interesting for me too

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    Ruth Elizabeth StiffWritten by Ruth Elizabeth Stiff

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