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Icarus Fell

Icarus fell because he tried to fly

By Melissa in the BluePublished 3 years ago 1 min read
i know it's not icarus but close enough?

When Icarus flew too close to Apollo, he should have fallen to his death

The King of Crete had tricked Poseidon, God of the Sea

In his thirst for punishment, Poseidon drew up a storm

But Apollo loved Icarus just as much and begged Poseidon to stay his hand

He wished Poseidon quell the horizon

To keep his love safe, to give his love a ferry.

Although Poseidon would not grant him a ferry

He promised to keep Icarus from death

He cleared the horizon

The starry sky glittered over the sea

Yet it remained so dark Icarus couldn't see his hand

And so Icarus clung to the storm

Icarus tried to find his way to the eye of the storm

But a new disaster arose—Charon appeared with his ferry

With his outstretched hand

Waiting for Icarus to succumb to his death

In the cold, miserable sea

And so Charon waited along the horizon

Even Poseidon could not push away the horizon

So Icarus dove deep into his storm

He tried to find protection in the sea

Icarus knew he could not get on that ferry

He could not accept death

Not without his payment for passage in his hand

Icarus has sat in the ocean so long he has wrinkles all along over his hand

And now he knows that he will never near the horizon

Icarus has cheated death

He sits alone in his storm

But it is his home and his ferry

And now he travels the sea

Poseidon holds the wine-red sea

In a single watery hand

And he promises Apollo that Charon's ferry

Will remain evermore in the horizon

And that as long as Icarus clings to his storm

He will not know death

But the sea is vast with an endless horizon

Nobody knows how long his hand can hold on to his storm

And Charon is always nearby, waiting to ferry him to his death

This poem was inspired by 'icarus fell in love with the sun' and the ocean. For more pieces inspired by murderous bodies of water, check out this link!

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Melissa in the Blue

hold my hand and we can jump straight into the cold unloving sea

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    Melissa in the BlueWritten by Melissa in the Blue

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