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I Smile at You

And I See You Smiling Back at Me

By Just DanielPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
I Smile at You
Photo by Hybrid on Unsplash

Heart pounding, breath shaky,

palms sweaty, knees quaky.

Not knowing what exactly it tis that I am going to see,

but a younger sister or brother, a younger sibling for me!


Then I saw you, a sight to behold,

All ten little fingers and ten little toes fitting the mold.

A being so precious, so cute, so small,

I couldn't wait to grow old with you, couldn't wait until you grew tall.


I want to go on adventures with you,

experience things that no one had experienced before,

I want to go dessert hunting with you too,

go to different countries on a tour.


A new world of possibilities where I'm not so alone,

where we would call each other and eagerly hear the ring from each other's phone.

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About the Creator

Just Daniel

I write short fiction when I have time. There are also elements of my life interwoven with fantasy that I incorporated into my writing. I also like the unknown, so enter into the dark, true, and mysterious if you dare...

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