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I Can't Cut the Knot

Basin Reveries

By SchmalzPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
I Can't Cut the Knot
Photo by Carter Yocham on Unsplash

In early June I went fishing a day or two

I tied on a beautiful caddis in my view

Thought that with it I’d only cast a few

It was dark and it was bright

It glimmered in the water

With fine thread it was tied

That elk hair hide was tied tight by you

And with it I got all the cutbows to rise

It wasn’t anything special just a caddis fly

But it danced all across the water

Flying in and out the halls of my mind

Nothing in the world could get the knot loose

There was no hog that could snap the line

No matter the weather it stayed just right

In turbulent water it’s brightness shined

There’s no getting rid of this knot that I tied

It taught me everything I know about love

Through wide and high flowing rivers

Down into meandering meadow streams

Even in those high mountain creeks

It made all the trout come to rise

So the knot played on my heart strings

Now it’s the only fly ever tied to the end of my line

I’ve been on the river for a real long time

But since late July nothings come to rise

And all my dreams washed down stream

Now I just can’t cut the knot we tied

It gives me hope when the river’s on the rise

And I’ve never seen a knot or fly of this kind

So I dream of life before the creek went dry

When everything seemed so kind

But I just can’t cut the knot you tied

I felt something I’ve never known

You put my heart under lock and key

Thought this knot was my great destiny

You can swim all the way down stream

And that caddis may fly far away from me

But my heart will always stay the same

Won't you teach to me how to cut the knot

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