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I'm a Fool

Basin Reveries

By SchmalzPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
I'm a Fool
Photo by Alexis Antonio on Unsplash

I’m just a fool

Out here panning for gold

Searching for beauty untold

I’m just a fool

Thinking things will change

But a fools memories

Are worth all of the pain

So i made me a golden crown

But really it’s made of shame

I’m just a fool

And no one’s to blame

Wandering about the world

Wondering if you think the same

And a fools promise

Is locked up in chains

Cause no one knows a fools pains

I’m just a fool

Searching for gold

Watching beauty unfold

And each shiny rock I find

Disappears out of view

And each beautiful scene

Takes every promise away

I’m just a fool

Walking down the streets of town

With bright eyes wearing only a grin

Cause a fools hope beats the blues

Lord knows I’m just a fool

Howling and singing to the moon

performance poetry

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Welcome to my page! I am a writer whose interests are vast and believes in the art of the word. In my writing you will find Non-Fiction, Fiction, and poetry in pursuit of the value of language.

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