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Hopeful, Desperate, & Vengeful Sagas

3 poems of "Inktober turned Poetober 2021" pt. 3

By Nicole KunefkePublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Hopeful, Desperate, & Vengeful Sagas
Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

Eve 8. Prompt: Watch

(Song inspiration: Serenade of Flames - Serenity)

A gentle breeze cradles spells newly weaved

I watch all four winds bow at his command

Soft earth gives way for their birth

I watch the horde march through their lands

Protective rivers submit to his whispers

I watch the blessed waters betray those thought to be safe

Crimson skies speak of the sorcerer's ire

I turn my face away from the light of the fires

* ~ *

Eve 9. Prompt: Pressure

(No song inspiration for this one, it was written during a down period while I was sitting on the floor in the shower)

Worrying thoughts spinning in my head

The why's and how's all in a row

Toxic cycle of negative narrative on repeat

Round and round in circles we go

All this pressure burning through me

Like fire tearing through my veins

What I'm to do, who I'm to be

Always hounded by doubt and anxiety

Worn down by guilt, shaped by stress

Sometimes I'm a disaster, sometimes I'm blessed

Trying to break free but I'm falling constantly

I've gotta make it through this mess

Release this pressure

* ~ *

Eve 10. Prompt: Pick

(Song inspiration: Last of the Wilds - Nightwish)

She wanders through distant green meadows

In golden fields bountiful with wheat and rye

Seeking a treasure beautiful and divine

Her carefree spirit eager to meet new fellows

The caressing breeze carries sweet melodies

Bringing with it fond light-hearted memories

She leaps, dances, prances

Lost in thoughts of friendship and future chances

Then she sees it!

Growing amidst the edge of wild flowers

Just where trees stretch and bower

She picks the one with stars in the petals

Adorned with silver leaves and soft nettle

Her journey continues, treasure now found

Leaving another memory for the meadow's grounds


Many thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this set of October poems. If any of my Poetober poems tickle your fancy, please like and share them!

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About the Creator

Nicole Kunefke

Aspiring Fantasy & Horror Writer. Chaotic Night Owl. Freelancer.

The genres I write in are Poetry, Mental Health, and Immigration via my experience immigrating from the US to The Netherlands.

Find me on FB & Twitter: KismetDragoness

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