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A Collection from the Mind & Heart

3 poems of "Inktober turned Poetober 2021" pt. 1

By Nicole KunefkePublished 2 years ago 1 min read
A Collection from the Mind & Heart
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At the beginning of October, one of my friends suggested the idea of doing "Poetober" with the prompts instead Inktober. Since I can't draw and the last poem I wrote was years ago, I thought this was an awesome idea. As I progress through the month, I'd like to share the poems in batches of three. Oh, and I always listen to music while writing, so I've also included my "song inspirations" along with each poem. Hope you enjoy them!


Eve 1. Prompt: Crystal

(Song inspirations: Steal Away the Light - Triosphere | Black Moon - Cellar Darling)

The fire is lit and singing crystals are aligned

Flames stretch high to scorch the night sky

Tonight our fears will come to die

Gather 'round the circle, it's time

Crushed crystals painting lips so kind

Hands joined together for chanting hymns and rhymes

Tonight our blessings will come to life

Will you walk along this path destined for you and I?

Let the crystals be your guide

Dare your heart and soul to entwine

Tonight our dreams will meet to combine

Be not afraid when fate opens doors for you to find

* ~ *

Eve 2. Prompt: Suit

(Song inspiration: Breathless - Triosphere)

Red, black, sometimes seen as decadent

Often wielded in games of chance

Clubs for the shepherds

Diamonds for the wealthy

Hearts for the clergy

Spades for the mighty

Suits played in harmless fun or with risky elements

Regardless, the stakes are out of your hands!

* ~ *

Eve 3. Prompt: Vessel

(Song inspiration: Darkest Part - Red)

This vessel is breaking on the inside

Cracks trace the inner walls

Invisible to eyes on the outside

So much weight to carry on one's shoulders

It's too dark to walk in straight lines

My vessel is tearing at the seams

Too many twists and turns

Cover my face to hide the pain

So many losses to bear in such a short time

It's so hard to face the change


About the Creator

Nicole Kunefke

Aspiring Fantasy & Horror Writer. Chaotic Night Owl. Freelancer.

The genres I write in are Poetry, Mental Health, and Immigration via my experience immigrating from the US to The Netherlands.

Find me on FB & Twitter: KismetDragoness

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