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Tales of Loss and Longing

4 poems of "Inktober turned Poetober 2021" pt. 2

By Nicole KunefkePublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Tales of Loss and Longing
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Previously I said I was going to post these in batches of 3, but seeing how there are 31 days in the month, I have to squeeze in a fourth poem somewhere. It seemed fitting for this batch's theme. Also, check out pt. 1 of my Inktober turned Poetober thread if you haven't had the chance yet. Thanks for reading!


Eve 4. Prompt: Knot

(Song inspirations: Song of the Damned - Soilwork, Tear the World Down - We Are The Fallen)

Sitting cross-legged on the bedroom floor

Silver and gold braided thread in hand

Flames flicker in candles weeping wax

A nightly ritual meant to ease the pain

Will it make it easier?

Tying my first knot in remembrance of you

For all the memories you left behind

All the beautiful moments you gifted me

Laughing with you in the sun

Tying my second knot for what could've been

For all the nights I wondered in silence

All the tears wept from dreams of you

Reaching for you in the dark

Tying my third knot to declare as a promise

For all the times I wished it was me instead

All the thoughts of guilt and despair

Lifting myself above the torments of grief

Tying my fourth knot as my farewell to you

For all the suffering over your empty place in my life

All the hours my world was deaf and grey

Healing myself in hope of overcoming such loss someday

Sitting upright in my spacious bed

Silver and gold knotted thread in hand

Tears flow freely from my weeping eyes

A nightly affair meant to seal the wounds

Will it ever be easier?

* ~ *

Eve 5. Prompt: Raven

(Song inspiration: Until the World Goes Cold - Trivium)

Harken the raven

Bearer of great misfortune

Omen moons and midnight plume

Ruler of wisdom and prophecies

Desperate monarchs and mortal atrocities

Master of carrion and battlefield bones

Friend of maiden witches and crones

Messenger of spirits from their frigid graves

Whose knowledge we've all but let fade

* ~ *

Eve 6. Prompt: Spirit

(Song inspiration: Death Diviner - Soilwork)

Crushed my desires into powdered dust

Tell me spirit

Knowing your name is a must

Foul deals and ill gotten gains

Damn your torments and taunting games

My agreement is my greatest mistake

Floor boards creak and walls shake

Tell me spirit

Before it's too late

Vengeful hexes and venomous curses

Secrets paid in time and bloodlines

My surrender is my greatest failure

Ground my bones into silver starlight

Tell me spirit

Did I deserve this condemning rite?

* ~ *

Eve 7. Prompt: Fan

(Song inspiration: All of Nothing - The Birthday Massacre)

A crown of beaded pearls

Dresses of fine silk and velvet

A handheld fan waving delicate feathers

She hides her face from my view

Shadows from the fire dance on the walls

Turn back time to the days it was fair

In the distance a bell chimes twice

With a bow of her head she turns to leave

At the threshold she glances over her shoulder

Her eyes meet mine, I'm petrified

Unspoken wishes and unkept promises

Turn back time to the moment of deepest regret

She reveals her face one last time

Lowering that delicate fan of grace and changed fate

For me to see lips that once smiled now turned grim

Shades and shapes around me pale and fade

With a shuddering breath she turns to depart

Turn back time to when my heart was full again

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Nicole Kunefke

Aspiring Fantasy & Horror Writer. Chaotic Night Owl. Freelancer.

The genres I write in are Poetry, Mental Health, and Immigration via my experience immigrating from the US to The Netherlands.

Find me on FB & Twitter: KismetDragoness

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