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Gallivanting Gunther

A journey to find a home

By Amber BristowPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Gallivanting Gunther
Photo by Stephen Andrews on Unsplash

Gunther was born in a litter of pups,

He was a dog who could talk, which caused quite a fuss.

People were fascinated; they'd all gather round,

But Gunther was scared; he didn't want to be found.

He yearned for a home that was simple and plain,

Where he could be just a dog, without any fame.

But people continued to show him off with glee,

Ignoring his pleas to just leave him be.

One morning, he left his litter and went on his way,

To escape from the limelight, even if just for a day.

With a wag of his tail and a skip in his stride,

He explored the streets with his canine pride.

Going from shop to shop, he got handed free snacks,

And free toys from the pet store; he didn’t look back.

From the park to the pond, he'd run and play,

Making new friends along the way.

He sat with a young girl, who was happy to chat,

They talked about life, and she gave him a pat.

But Gunther had doubts, and couldn't help but balk,

Was she just nice to him because he could talk?

Next, he met a family, with kids running wild,

They played fetch with Gunther, like he was their child.

But Gunther felt funny, like he was a prize,

Did they truly like him, or was it all lies?

At the store, he met a clerk, with a great beaming smile,

She asked him to join her, and they talked for a while.

But Gunther wondered, and he couldn't ignore,

Was it just his talent that made her implore?

That day, Gunther met many more friends,

But he couldn't help but feel disheartened, not even by days end.

Gunther knew he was looking for something much more,

A place where he'd be loved, and not shown off anymore.

Walking back to his litter, admitting defeat,

He saw a woman, reading a book by the edge of the street.

He sat by her side and she tousled his fur,

Feeling at peace, he let out a purr.

She introduced herself as Jenny and gave him a smile,

Reluctantly he said "Hello"... after a while.

To his surprise, she wasn't shocked by his voice,

She liked him for him, and that was her choice.

He followed Jenny to the shops with glee,

Being handed treats and toys, how lucky was he!

Jenny searched for a name tag but found none to see,

and asked if he'd like to come home - Gunther said, "Yes, please!"

Trotting home behind his new kin,

He realized that true friendship came from within.

It wasn't his voice that made him special or great,

It was his kind heart and wagging tail that sealed his fate.

They spent their day exploring the neighborhood,

And Jenny introduced him to all that was good.

From the friendly mailman to the local cat,

Gunther would wag his tail, never once feeling flat.

In the evening, they admired the fire and watched TV,

She brushed his coat and hugged him tight, filling him with glee.

For the first time in forever, Gunther felt like he belonged,

A result of Jenny's love that went far beyond.

With Jenny by his side, Gunther knew he was home,

He'd never have to wander again or feel alone.

Gallivanting no more, he can finally rest,

In a home where he was loved, he knew he was truly blessed.

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Comments (2)

  • Jessabout a year ago

    Loved this piece! Look forward to more writing from you

  • suman mohanabout a year ago

    Very nice beautifully crafted

Amber BristowWritten by Amber Bristow

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