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"Mother" A Name for a Feeling.

"A Love That Never Wavers"

By Aranna Hasan Delwar Published about a month ago 2 min read

"Mother" A Name for a Feeling.

______By Aranna Hasan Delwar.

In the quiet dawn, a gentle touch,

Mother's warmth is never too much.

In the flutter of the morning light,

Her presence makes everything right.

She holds the world in her soft hand,

Guiding us through life’s shifting sand.

With a whisper or a soothing song,

She helps us find where we belong.

Her eyes, like stars in the midnight sky,

See past the hurt and hear the silent cry.

Her heart, a harbor, safe and warm,

Shelters us from every storm.

When we stumble, she's there to catch,

Never too far, always within reach.

Her voice, a balm for the aching soul,

Mending hearts and making us whole.

Her laughter, like the sweetest chime,

Echoes through the halls of time.

She weaves our lives into a tapestry,

With love as the golden thread we see.

Her hands, worn yet full of grace,

Have lifted us to a higher place.

Her arms, a sanctuary strong,

Hold us close when things go wrong.

In the kitchen, the scent of home,

Her cooking is like a soothing poem.

Each meal she makes, a labor of love,

A gift from the heavens above.

Her stories, rich with life and lore,

Speak of times that came before.

In her embrace, we find our past,

A sense of peace that always lasts.

Though years may pass and we may roam,

She remains our guiding home.

Her love is constant, ever true,

A beacon for both me and you.

So here's to mothers, near and far,

Each one a radiant guiding star.

Their love, a force that never yields,

Stronger than the strongest shields.

For “Mother” is not just a name,

It's a feeling, a sacred flame.

A bond that stretches far and wide,

A love that never tries to hide.

In every touch, in every glance,

We find the heart, the soul, the dance.

For mothers are the roots that grow,

The steady stream that makes us flow.

Mother, a name we all adore,

A feeling that we can't ignore.

Her love, a light that never fades,

Even as the night invades.

In her arms, we're truly blessed,

A feeling that we call the best.

Mother, may your light remain,

A beacon through the joy and pain.

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Aranna Hasan Delwar


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