Flowers on Monroe Dr

by Blaise Terese about a year ago in love poems

A Poem

Flowers on Monroe Dr

Last’s night’s mascara on this morning undereyes

Looking while straightening your polka dot tie.

Orange blossoms set upon auburn hairs,

Pearl pebbles trickle from petals parted in pairs.

Bougainvillea spills on jade cigarette cases,

Picked and watered in ivory vases

I did not think I looked gone at all;

Swimming in chlorine still refraining from Paul Malls.

Hidden banks of stardusk

the rest pass over sight

the shimmer

Eyed overhead until

the troughs dampen just slight

the glimmer

Lured by an angler’s silk

surrender from the fight

all winners

Paradoxal rhythms

cognate frilly wing flight

all sinners

But I am—I am just a little girl.

At least- for now; giving a twirl.

love poems
Blaise Terese
Blaise Terese
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