The Personification of Anachronism

by Blaise Terese about a year ago in surreal poetry

A Poem

The Personification of Anachronism

I met a Wraith

in mid-day's safe

who told me I was wonderful

he rode a bike

of phosphorous type

in Lands of plentiful

If my sole aid

can help a soul

from this world fade

I'll be so bold -

for crusts and spheres

produce more fear

than what is Elsewhere

I am told -

I compromise a pot of comprehension

relieve ingredients of tension

stir not shake- at other's wake

and who has passed can mention

It I can make

enigma flesh,

mysteries quake

this is my Itch -

an anachronistic slant

that mantras chant

and sibyls grant

turn off the Switch -

surreal poetry
Blaise Terese
Blaise Terese
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