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Peace exists no more

A lot of us have lost our inner peace, is there still hope?

By Cilian MurphyPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Peace exists no more
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In shadows deep, where once was light,
A world adrift in endless night.
Peace, a whisper, now silenced, gone,
Lost amid the cries of dawn.

Once, it danced on gentle breeze,
Now shattered by the storm's decrees.
In hearts once pure, now stained with strife,
Hope fades like petals from a flower's life.

Yet still, within the darkest hour,
A seed of peace retains its power.
In hearts that dare to dream anew,
A spark ignites, a pathway true.

Though chaos reigns, and battles roar,
A flicker of peace, forevermore.
In every soul that yearns for grace,
Lies the promise of a sacred space.

So let us seek, with hearts aglow,
The peace that dwells in depths below.
For though it may seem lost, unsure,
Peace endures, forever pure.

Thanks for reading.

I am a university student, Hoping to pave a way here on a vocal.

Even a dollar tip would go a long way❤️🙏.

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Cilian Murphy

I love writing about life generally, Health, wellbeing, fiction, and the cosmos. I think that would be all about me for now. My stories will reflect a lot more about me than I can say here. Huge fan of cillian Murphy.

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  • Esala Gunathilake2 months ago

    Enjoyed it. Hope more from you

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